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We repair and upgrade a wide variety of surveillance DVRs and security cameras.

Security System NYC will get your equipment back in service quickly to minimize your downtime and at the same time save you and your company money. We have been doing CCTV surveillance equipment repairs for over 20 years and are very familiar with all major brands of Security Camera equipment and control systems. Whether it is DVR Repair, PTZ Dome Camera Repair, IP Camera Repair, Raid Storage DVR Repair, Raid Power supply repair, or any other camera equipment repair you need, we can help you work out a repair program to fit your needs. Security System NYC have very reasonable and competitive pricing. We will provide references if requested. Next time your Security Camera needs a repair service give us a call.


We repair most makes & models of PTZ Dome cameras and IP camera’s. We provide American Dynamics Sensormatic Ultradome PTZ camera repair, Speeddome Ultra Repair service, Speeddome repair, Pelco Repair, Pelco Spectradome camera repair, Spectra 2 camera repair, Spectra 3 camera repair, Philips Bosch autodome camera repair, Burle PTZ dome camera repair, Burle Autodome repair, GE Kalatel Cyberdome PTZ camera repair, PTZ dome camera repair, Vicon repair, Vicon dome camera repair, Ultrak repair, Axis Camera repairs and Axis IP camera repair, Ultrak dome camera repair service, Honeywell PTZ Camera repair which includes their new Acuix PTZ Surveillance Camera. We also repair Avigilon Camera’s. Call for more information.



We repair CCTV and NVRs most makes and models of Digital Video Recorders and are a Dedicated Micros Authorized Service Center for their Digital Sprite line of CCTV DVRs. We also repair and upgrade American Dynamics/Sensormatic Intellex DVRs and offer Pelco Repair for their lines of CCTV Digital Video Recorders including the Endura and DX series of DVRs. We also offer GE / Kalatel CCTV Repair for their Digia II series, DVMRe, StoreSafe series and more. Other brands repaired are Bosch, Digital Watchdog, Vicon, Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba and more.

Security System NYC provide a large variety of surveillance system and security cameras for all your commercial, business and residential needs. Closed circuit television (CCTV) is almost a second name for security and surveillance systems. It allows you to monitor your property and/or staff from almost anywhere on the glob, either from your computer or directly on your mobile device ( almost any cellular phone), at any weather, day or night 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.These days technology allows us to track and detect almost any one any where, indoor or outdoor, day or night.