Residential Security Cameras

Residential Security Cameras

Complete Home Security & Automation System

Secure your home against break-ins and theft with our home surveillance systems.

Surveillance camera Systems are the cornerstone of any home and professional security system. We offers a wide range of CCTV security cameras; from multi-camera, all-weather options, to video surveillance devices, there’s a solution available for you to monitor your home or office. With a CCTV setup, protect your property from vandalism and theft. CCTV security camera systems allow you to control your home surveillance from one central location via their included DVR.

Types Of Surveillance Cameras

  • Fake Security Cameras- Gives your home the appearance of being monitored
  • Hidden Cameras- Monitor your home or business with cameras hidden in everyday objects
  • Wi-Fi Cameras- Stay connected to places, people and pets with a Wi-Fi Camera
  • Wireless Cameras- Secure what matters most with secure indoor and outdoor wireless cameras

residential security camerasWhat are Outdoor Surveillance Cameras?

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras, or a multi-camera surveillance systems, monitor any outdoor area you choose. There are lots of similarities between indoor and outdoor security cameras, outdoor surveillance cameras are specifically designed with a wider viewing angle to keep watch over large outdoor areas. Most of them also come with night vision to capture images or video even in the darkest night, and all are equipped to be weather resistant or weatherproof with a tough protective housing.

Installation Of Security Cameras

Call our specialists to set up Security Cameras System. We will install cameras, motion sensors, and automatic emergency calling for you. We are experts in the security industry with over 20 years of experience. What that means is that you are going to get the right solution, from the right brand for the right price.

  • Wireless Security Equipment
  • Home Automation Options
  • Mobile App Access Options
  • Remote Video Surveillance Options

Security System NYC provide a large variety of surveillance system and security cameras for all your commercial, business and residential needs. Closed circuit television (CCTV) is almost a second name for security and surveillance systems. It allows you to monitor your property and/or staff from almost anywhere on the glob, either from your computer or directly on your mobile device ( almost any cellular phone), at any weather, day or night 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.These days technology allows us to track and detect almost any one any where, indoor or outdoor, day or night.

Security camera installations in New York City; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, Bronx, or Long Island. CCTV NYC pride ourselves on professional installations & service of security cameras, video surveillance cameras for indoor and outdoor. With more than 20 years of experience servicing over a thousand homes and buildings. Security System NYC, surveillance camera systems and security cameras help New York City’s businesses and residents manage properties reduce theft, vandalism and shrinkage while protecting profits.

Other residential security services:
  • Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Fire/Smoke Alarm Systems
  • Instant Alerts to Your Cell Phone
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems
  • Camera Systems with Remote Viewing Capability

The systems we sell and install are from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

At ,Security System NYC we can accommodate all your security needs with a discreet accurate service that is unique for your needs and for your needs only. Security System NYC strongly suggest you’ll have a security camera system installed at your business place or home whether it’s an apartment or a townhouse. Click here for CCTV Installation.

At Security System NYC, we supply and install cameras and surveillance systems that are superior in quality and resistance. We provide and install DVR (digital video recording) systems with cameras that provides either live feed or prerecorded signal, directly to your phone or a monitor, Security System NYC also provide consulting services for security needs, locations and number of cameras, as well as recommending the right type of camera for every specific job, terrain, weather and distance from target.