NYC is one of the busiest and most populated cities in the world and living in the midst of the chaos can be more than stressful at times – crime may be a worry and unwanted visitors such as door-to-door salespeople can be a real pain. Fortunately, there is handy solution available to solve all these problems – installing an intercom system.

An intercom system provides security and convenience for your NYC home

These are stylish and easy to use communication networks that can be set up in your home – with basic systems starting at as little as $300 and more elaborate and high tech equipment readily obtainable if you can afford it. How does an intercom system work? A basic intercom system involves the connection between a front door unit on the exterior of the home and an internal master control panel; the door station should be fitted with a microphone (so you can hear the visitor) and a speaker (so they can hear you). When the doorbell is pressed and you are alerted of a visitor’s presence, the front door unit transmits a signal to the master station, usually turning it on full power mode – you are then able to communicate with the visitor via your own control panel, which is also fitted with a talk button, microphone and speaker.